1970 Resto Mod Chevelle SS – Resto Mod Project

Owner: Cheese Biagi

Briefly about the project

What appeared to be a perfect Resto Mod on paper at auction turned out to be a bit of a nightmare for the owner of this 1970 Resto Mod Chevelle SS. After purchasing at auction, we were entrusted with inspecting and addressing issues this vehicle presented. Ranging from missing components, such as the sway bar and parking brake, to properly fixing, installing, fabricating, and redesigning aspects of the vehicle that were flawed from the previous builder. Suspension components that were not correctly addressed resulted in odd driving behavior and rear springs that would come off the vehicle whenever the suspension traveled a certain height. The owner also had concerns about the engine, we further inspected and concluded the LS engine in the vehicle was faulty and we installed another one. When installing the new LS engine we corrected the transmission and engine geometry placement so components would no longer interfere with one another. The end result is a drivable and very enjoyable 1970 Resto Mod Chevelle SS that both looks the part and performs!

Work Performed

  • Performed inspection on vehicle
  • Front and rear shocks replaced with correct ones
  • Installed missing front sway bar and links
  • Replaced front upper control arms with correct ones
  • Replaced front ball joints and hardware
  • Fabricated parking brake cable and properly adjusted
  • Addressed faulty electrical operation of vehicle lights
  • Installed grounds for vehicle’s electrical system
  • Fixed reverse lamp operation
  • Fixed passenger window
  • Replaced wiper motor assembly
  • Installed missing windshield washer system (tank, hoses, nozzles)
  • Removed faulty engine and installed an LS crate engine
  • Installed new clutch kit
  • Correctly repositioned engine and transmission upon installation due to it originally being too far back
  • Replaced driveshaft yoke with longer one for proper interference length
  • Installed weather barrier boot for shifter
  • Replaced shifter, bracket, linkage, boot, and knob
  • Installed shifter pattern plate on center console
  • Installed necessary engine accessories for proper function (various sensors, pick up tube, windage tray, harness, fasteners)
  • Installed missing cooling system surge tank
  • Replaced brake vacuum booster
  • Replaced failed aftermarket hood hinges with a factory set up and properly aligned hood
  • Replaced exhaust system pipping and mufflers for correct sound and appearance
  • Performed four wheel alignment
  • Fixed the speedometer’s system for accurate reading
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